Anonymous asked:

Skin color shouldn't matter. Everyone is beautiful.

blackgirlsrpretty2 answered:

Y’all say stuff like this and I can pull up your blog and there are no black women.

You’ll come here and follow to only “like”, never to reblog, because you don’t want to give anyone the idea that you believe black women are attractive.

I can scroll past basic ass white girls on this website who have over 100,000 but look like uneatable protein and come back to my blog and see beautiful melanin with 1/10th of that….

But yea everyone’s beautiful as you say # privilege



Woooooooh fire in this post




food stamps

In so far as divisive political issues go, welfare is the gift that just keeps on giving. Mainly, that’s because some on the right have done a masterful job of convincing ordinary white people that slothful African-Americans and Latinos are eating at a troth filled with goodies…